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Traveling with Your Hunting Gear

Pack wisely when preparing to travel to a hunt.

Traveling with Your Hunting Gear

by: Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo, Cabela’s Ambassadors

’Tis the season, and many of us have been preparing for this time of year since last season. It’s time to hit the road and go hunting.

Protecting your gear and packing it safe should be priority number one.

Many times we have reached a very remote location and discovered our bow cases and gear bags had not been taken care of really well. The fear that something might be broken inside worried us.

But today, with all the awesome protective gear out there, part of the worry has gone away.

Packing is an art form and the more you do it the better you become.

I recall the first big hunt I went on many, many moons ago and I packed half a Cabela’s store and didn’t use more than half the gear, maybe even two-thirds of it. Now we are down to about 34 pounds of gear on very remote trips, and our Plano bow cases can be launched off the plane with no worries of the content.

A couple great tips we have learned, the Cabela’s neoprene sling is always attached to our bow prior to putting them in our Plano hard case, this protects the strings and cables from anything in the case, and when we arrive we have a great way to carry our bows in the field. We also use the sight cover; this protects our TruGlo single pin from any damage.

We pack all our gear in small padded pouches and label everything and then put them in the case. Anything that can float around can cause damage and we can’t afford anything like that on a trip.

Packing some clothing in and around the bow and gear is a great way to add to protection. Cabela’s offers a variety of accessories pouches, and zip-top bags work great as well.

Also, use an arrow case so your fletching is not damaged when you arrive.

We always put tape over our latches on the case, in addition to using TSA locks and cable ties, this way we know if someone was in it when we pick our case up at baggage claim.

When we have everything we are going to pack in the case, we take inventory and make a list. Make a few copies of this list and put one in the case, keep one on you and keep one at home.

We also take pictures of our cases loaded and ready to go. We keeps these pictures on our phone in case the airlines ever loose our bags we can show them exactly what the bags and cases look like.

You take a lot of time and pride in keeping your clothing scent free and clean, don’t just throw it in any bag. Understand where you are hunting and use the proper luggage. Many of our wilderness trips we deal with water so our go to bags have always been the Cabela’s dry bags, they weigh nothing and allow us to pack all our gear and keep it dry and clean.

When you have everything packed and ready to go, weigh it a couple times just to make sure you are under the weight requirements for your flights.

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